Fashion Design In Film

It is no surprise that fashion plays a large role in film, which is perhaps the most collaborative of all modern art forms. So far in the year 2010, many groundbreaking films have hit theaters and have transported movie-goers to all different places and eras. And from futuristic looks to classic vintage throwbacks, style plays a major part in the believability and success of these movies, along with cinematography, set design, and a million other complex elements. Here are some of the past year's top films and the styles featured in them that led to critical acclaim.

Director Tim Burton's 2010 film adaptation of the story Alice in Wonderland features a distinct, whimsical style that combines classic Victorian-age fashions with the magic of Wonderland. While the movie starts by showcasing classic Victorian gowns, complete with fitted corset bodices, things get weirder once Alice falls down the rabbit hole and lands inside the gates of the Queen of Heart's castle. Costume designers for this movie used bright colors, psychedelic flower and tree motif's, and fun accessories like flamboyant wigs, huge hats and funky spectacles to create the Wonderland look.

Director Christopher Nolan's 2010 box office smash, Inception was illuminated by the expertly chosen costumes that don the cast throughout the entire movie. Costume designer Jeffrey Kurland dressed all of the characters in an intriguing mix of smooth retro style and a futuristic look. The outcome? Upscale, sophisticated, well-fitting business suits, and old-world glamour gowns that exude a timeless style, while still ambiguous enough to keep film from being dated.

Director Michael Patrick King's 2010 release of Sex and the City 2 is a flamboyant showcase of style. America's most beloved modern women are adorned in the hottest, most contemporary fashions the whole movie long. Costume designer Patricia Fields tried hard to put the women in clothes that would work with the organic forms of their bodies to create a beautiful, glamorous look. She claims to have veered away from things like shoulder pads and balloon hems, and things that have nothing to do with the natural shape of a woman's body. Additionally, she tried to dress the women in original, creative looks that appear timeless in the film.

Let this be a lesson that film is a great inspirational tool for aspiring students of fashion design, style junkies and creative costume designers.

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